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Adopt an elephant now!

Adopt an Elephant for yourself, or give an original gift to a friend! With this adoption you help your elephant and her herd survive in the African savannah!

Limpopo is a 35 year old female who just had a baby. She and her herd live in the Great Limpopo Peace Park on the border of South Africa, Mozambique and Zimbabwe. By adopting Limpopo for even a few months you are helping to support Limpopo and her park.

With the adoption of Limpopo you get an unique adoption package, which contains:

  • Your personal login code, to follow Limpopo by a live satellite tracking system
  • An adoption certificate
  • Pictures of your elephant
  • A quarterly newsletter with updates about Limpopo

How to Adopt
€20. If you want more information please send an email to elephant

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