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Allocation of the Funds

GoodFund has raised over €276,000 for the Peace Parks Foundation. Thanks to the help of everyone who adopted an elephant they can use these funds for many purposes concerning the development of transfrontier conservation areas. With these funds, the economic development, conservation of biodiversity and regional peace and stability are supported.

Nyika Transfrontier Conservation Area (TFCA)

€168,000 was allocated to the TFCA. They used the funds to invest in different projects for nature conservation and socio-economic development.

The park has been able to start a zoning and planning program. Zoning is required for further development of the park where various land use options such as areas of wilderness and tourism areas are included.

The zoning ensures that the unique biodiversity of the area is conserved whilst at the same time ensuring that any potential tourism opportunities are maximized.

Funds were also allocated to the COMAC programme. This is a crucial socio-economic component of the development of the park. This programme is aimed at improving support for conservation efforts at the grass-roots level. Often, out of necessity, the impoverished local community members harvest the natural resources in a protected area despite it being illegal. The COMACO programme provides an alternative solution to help communities become better custodians of their land, by combining training on how to improve farming skills with advice on farming methods and suitable crops, and creating markets through which the products can be sold. This has the two-fold benefit of raising the economic prosperity of the community, thus alleviating the poverty and hunger within the community and therefore demand on the resources within the park.

Also, an international co-ordinator has been appointed whose responsibilities include the drafting of a treaty between Malawi and Zambia which will formally establish the Peace Park. An institutional framework will be set up which entails the formation of a several committees that deal with challenges such as:

• harmonisation of policies and legislation
• cross-border wildlife management, and
• community and tourism development.

Another smaller project where funds were also allocated is the Chilinda Pine Plantation. This plantation needs to be reduced in size because the seeds are self-seeding which could have detrimental consequences for the environment. A feasibility study is now underway to investigate the best manner to utilize this plantation whilst reducing its size.

With the donated funds another feasibility study is to be conducted in different areas that within the park, but where no knowledge exists regarding it’s physical features. This study will provide an overview of the vegetation, wildlife, water resources and extent of settlement in these reserves.

The wildlife population also needs to be surveyed. A representative sample of wildlife in this area is required in order to obtain information on the wildlife numbers. This data can also be used to measure the success of the TFCA development in terms of increasing wildlife numbers in the future.

As you can see the money is used in a constructive manner that leads to improvement of life standards for both wildlife and men. With the migration of the elephants to the poorer areas of the park by the Peace parks Foundation, tourism gets a chance to grow and the economic situation of the local community can start to improve. The animals have more living space and food provisions and the local community profits by growing tourism.

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