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Peace Parks Foundation

President Hifikepunye Pohamba of Namibia, President Thado Mbeki of South Africa and President Festus Mogae of Botswana opening the gate between Namibia and Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park.

Peace Parks Foundation

By adopting elephants, GoodFund supports the Peace Parks Foundation.

Dream with the Peace Parks Foundation

"Dream of ancient migration trails trodden deep by an instinct that time has never contained. Dream of a wilderness where the elephant roams and the roar of the lion shatters the night. Dream, like us, of experiencing Africa wild and free, where people can reap the benefits of nature and in turn support her."

This is the dream of the Peace Parks Foundation. A dream that will only be realised through the establishment of cross-border Peace Parks.

The Peace Parks Foundation is founded by Nelson Mandela, the late HRH Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands and Dr. Anton Rupert, the President of WWF in South Africa.


Two decades from now, people may still refer to the “tigers” of South East Asia, but surely they will also refer to the “elephants” of Southern Africa – all because of an idea that sticks. Let’s prove together again that an idea is stronger than man! As Dr Anton Rupert, co-founder of PPF, says: “Always place yourself in the other man’s shoes, see through his eyes.”

The mission of the Peace Parks Foundation is: 'To facilitate the establishment of Transfrontier Conservation Areas (Peace Parks) supporting sustainable economic development, the conservation of biodiversity and regional peace and stability'. The four pillars of the Peace Parks Foundation are:

1. Securing Space
2. Training Wildlife Managers
3. Training Guesthouse Managers
4. Improving Access

Securing Space

The first step in establishing a peace park is the drafting and the signing of international agreements and protocols. Once these are in place the actual development of the Peace Park can begin.

Training Wildlife Managers

Training of wildlife managers is key to proper management of park resources. Obviously peace parks need lots of care to reach their economic potential. At the SA Wildlife College conservation managers, game rangers, anti-poaching units and field guides are trained. At the College students learn to deal with community and nature based conservation and tourism, wildlife and financial management. More than 3000 students coming from more than 20 countries in Africa often from village backgrounds have already graduated from their courses.
You can fully support one student with €5,000 per year.

A new Wildlife Veterinary Training project will start in 2005 at the Hoheisen Research and Training Unit next to the Wildlife College.
This exceptional training project in Africa is an initiative of PPF, the Alexander Forbes Chair in Wildlife Diseases, University of Pretoria, Limpopo Province, SANParks and SADC representatives.

The control of endemic and transmittable diseases, such as tuberculosis and foot- and mouth-disease is a critical matter. Without such wildlife disease management national and international trade barriers can block the export of perfect meat, from Botswana for example, and this in turn puts the tourism income at risk.

Training Guesthouse Managers

Training of Guesthouse Managers is important for further growth of adequate tourist amenities and accommodation in the fantastic park areas. African women from a rural background between the ages of 25 and 40 qualify as trainees. This takes place at Panorama Hotel in Graaff- Reinet in South-Africa, known as the “jewel of the Karoo”.

Improving Access

International tourists must have easy access to parks and good transport facilities. Therefore new airports, such as Kruger Mpumalanga International Airport, and in-park road construction are also key priorities.


The Peace Parks concept has grown from 6 in 1997 to 20 parks in 2002 in Southern Africa alone. That’s why Peace Parks Foundation has expanded its original missionary and facilitating role to that of managing international aid funding. Funds from the German Ministry of Cooperation, KfW, USAID and EU go directly to construction and development of the 20 mega-parks in Southern Africa.

But the more PPF do the more financial needs keep growing. The PPF team and its supporter GoodFund will continue to contact people and organisations, who believe in peace through conservation. Those who believe in peace and co-existence between man and man and man and nature!

Go to the Peace Parks Foundation website. Click here to see the Peace Parks trailer

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