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Adopt a Branch

GoodFund intends to support small entrepreneurs in becoming self-sufficient and independent. Soon you can adopt a branch of a Micro Finance bank which gives small entrepreneurs access to the financial sector in Africa.

GoodFund and ProCredit have joined forces to expand the access to credit to more men and women, many who are currently ignored by commercial banks. You can observe her or his success online. With your donation you help to raise funds for the opening of more bank branches of NovoBanco in Mozambique.

GoodFund transfers all donations directly to NovoBanco. GoodFund will keep you updated about the development and successes of this branch you help build. We will do this with:

  • Regular updates via the GoodFund website
  • A quarterly newsletter about the branch you have adopted
  • Webcam images of the bank and their customers
Cost to Adopt a Branch in detail

The costs to establish a branch of a Micro Finance bank are €100,000 (net of taxes). The activities and estimated costs include:

  • Bank refurbishment
  • €30,000
  • Equipment and communications
  • €10,000
  • Training stipends for 25 staff members
  • €30,000
  • International expert support
  • €30,000

    The bank institution (NovoBanco) would cover the costs of the rent and staff salaries, including an international Bank Manager (if required).

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