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GoodFund has raised over €276,000 for the Peace Parks Foundation. Thanks to the help of everyone who adopted an elephant they can use these funds for many purposes concerning the development of transfrontier conservation areas. With these funds, the economic development, conservation of biodiversity and regional peace and stability are supported.

Great Limpopo Transfrontier Park
In 2004 more than €108,000 was invested in the Great Limpopo Transfrontier Park. The park has been able to buy a small aircraft and to build a hangar in which to keep it. They also bought a 4x4 vehicle. The aircraft and vehicle are invaluable for anti-poaching activities and to monitor wildlife activity.

Also, four cybertrack units were acquired. These are innovative handheld computers which enable rangers to record observations in the field. The cybertrack unit makes it possible to analyze wildlife data statistically. It can even be used by rangers who cannot necessairy read or write to record their field observations. This is highly useful in the monitoring of wildlife and further development of the park.

Since 2001 wildlife was relocated from Kruger National Park to a sanctuary in the Limpopo National Park in order to stimulate natural migration of wildlife across the border. In order to allow wildlife to move beyond the boundaries of the sanctuary, the fence will be removed later this year. Funds from GoodFund are used to remove this fence.
Additionally, more elephants will be collared to follow their movements after the fence has been removed.

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