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Why should I adopt an elephant?

By adopting an elephant with GoodFund you are helping the African Elephant to survive another century. 92,5% of your donation goes to the Peace Parks Foundation, founded by Nelson Mandela, Anton Rupert and HRH Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands. The objectives of the Peace Parks Foundation are:

  • Creating space by lifting frontier fences to double the natural habitat of the parks’ wildlife
  • Bringing peace by making governments and the managements of national parks talk to each other
  • Promote tourism as the visit of 7 tourists to Southern Africa creates a full-time job for 1 local person
  • Training local people to become professional rangers and competent hotel staff

So you are supporting the future of nature and people in Africa!

Why should I adopt an elephant while the animals are culled because of overpopulation?

There are about 400,000 elephants living in Africa. About 250,000 of them live in the southern part of Africa. Since the ivory trade is banned and killing of elephants in South Africa was forbidden in 1994, the population of elephants started to grow again.

If the elephants would have the same space that they used to have, there would be no problem at all. But people are using more and more land that used to belong to wildlife. This leads to overpopulation of elephants in different areas in Southern Africa. So control of the elephant population is necessary. As humans created this problem, they should take the responsibility to solve this in a decent way, and not just by culling the elephants.

By adopting an elephant with GoodFund, you are helping the Peace Parks Foundation to establish crossborder Peace Parks which increases the space for the animals. Within these Peace Parks, elephants are also translocated from crowded places in the park to other ‘virgin’ parts where elephants have been chased or killed before.

This alone is of course not the solution of this problem. But it is a decent solution to save the elephants, and to create peace between man and nature.

What happens with the money for the adoption?

92,5 percent of the money goes to the Peace Parks Foundation. This organisation works at more space for wildlife, job creation and cooperation between governments on nature management.

How do I know the money is really going to the Peace Parks Foundation?

GoodFund has engaged Grant Thornton to provide bookkeeping services. Our accounts are audited by PricewaterhouseCoopers. The results of fundraising will be published online on a regular basis.


Can I adopt an elephant for somebody else?

Yes you can make a gift adoption for somebody else. Just check the “Adoption is a gift” button in the adoptionform. You can choose the activation date and the shipment details. So it makes an ideal birthday or Christmas present!

Can my adoption start at a specific date?

Yes, your adoption can start at any date you want. Just tell us what the activation date should be.

Can I adopt an elephant for more than one person?

Yes that is possible. You can send an email to with all the details.

How long does it take for an adoption to be activated?

The adoption can be activated immediately, following the activation date of your choice.

Can I order just the toy elephant or the DVD?

Yes, you can order just the toy elephant or DVD. For more information, please contact us at


Is it safe to pay with my creditcard?

To ensure the security of your creditcard payment, we are working with an independent payment processor named Bibit (see also GoodFund does not have access to any creditcard details. When you give these details on our site, you are on the page of our payment processor Bibit (see This guarantees the security of your payment.

Are there other payment methods than by creditcard?

There are different possibilities to make a payment. If you select your country in the payment form, you will see all the options available for your country.

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What happens with my personal details?

We use your personal details just for the donation. We do not sell these to third parties.

I forgot my username and password, what can I do?

If you forgot both your username and password, please send an email to from the email address you’ve registered with. We will look up your details and email them back to you.
If you just forgot your password, you can enter your username at our website and click on the “forgot” button on the right side of the textbox. Your password will be sent to you immediately.

Can I change my username or password?
You can change your username and/or password by logging in at our website. If you are logged in you will go to the “my details” page where you can see and update your details.

How can I change my emailaddress for the newsletter?

Please login and go to the “my details” page. This is where you can see and update your details.

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