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Limpopo is a 35 year old female elephant and she lives in the Limpopo Peace Park. Limpopo weighs approximately 3000 kilo’s and she’s got a little baby.

Limpopo and her baby are part of a breeding herd of twelve elephants. The herd consists of mostly cows and their calves and two bulls, one of whom is Jumbo.

Elephant Update

Dr. Markus-Hofmeyr
In the Great Limpopo Peace Park a helicopter took to the air to track Limpopo, Tembo, Jumbo and Espero. They took off from Skukuza in the Kruger National Park and flew east towards Mozambique, where three of the four elephants and their families roam. The fourth, Espero, spends most of his time in South Africa.

Females Limpopo and Tembo and their families were found relatively close to each other (within 5km of each other), however the males Espero and Jumbo were further away. Nevertheless it can be seen with the help of the satellite tracking system that Tembo and Jumbo have been spending time together.

Limpopo roamed through the Limpopo National Park over the past few months. Her home range (the area in which she roams) spans a distance of 70km, bordered to the south by the wildlife enclosure, the west by the boundary fence with the Kruger National Park and to the north and east by the Shingwedzi River.
hasn't spent as much time with Limpopo and is now favouring passing the time with Jumbo.
walked to Massingir Dam at the beginning of this year, perhaps for a change of scenery or perhaps a swim! In the past few weeks however, he has returned to spend quality time with Tembo.
Espero is truly a loner. Unlike the other elephants, which tend to meet up on occasion and spend time together, Espero follows his own path. Last year he was often found wandering between Mozambique and South Africa, but the past two months he has roamed up and down the border line, remaining in South Africa. See the Photo Gallery...

Picture Gallery

Great Limpopo Peace Park

Limpopo lives in the Great Limpopo Peace Park, the best developed and bes known Peace Park in Southern Africa. The park links different parks in Mozambique, South Africa and Zimbabwe. The total surface area of this Peace Park is approximately 35 000 km2 (almost as big as the Netherlands).

Limpopo (pronounced as Lim’powpow) is the name of a river that runs through the Great Limpopo Peace Park. It also goes by the name of ‘Crocodile River’ and it flows into the Indian Ocean. Read more...

African Safari to South Africa

Everybody who adopted Limpopo has the chance to win an African Safari to South Africa! You will enjoy an amazing 8-day exclusive Safari to the Great Limpopo Peace Park.

On this trip, you will be treated to a sunset drive, and as rhino and elephant are plentiful in the park, there are lots of opportunities for photos. But the highlight will be meeting the elephants: a ranger will guide you to their habitat! Read more...

Allocation of the Funds

GoodFund has raised over €276,000 for the Peace Parks Foundation. Thanks to the help of everyone who adopted an elephant they can use these funds for many purposes concerning the development of transfrontier conservation areas. With these funds, the economic development, conservation of biodiversity and regional peace and stability are supported. Read more about the funds allocated to the Great Limpopo Peace Park...